• Palm Sunday—Read aloud Mark 11:1-11. Make palm-leaf cookies. Cut frozen cookie dough into 2 X 1/2-inch strips. Place aluminum foil on a cookie sheet and spray it with nonstick cooking spray. Roll the cookie strips and shape them into an outline of a palm leaf on the foil. Close all edges in the outline. Crush green candies in a bag with a hammer, and

sprinkle to fill in the cookie center. Bake at 375 degrees for about eight minutes. Contrast the sweetness of the cookies with the harshness of breaking the candies with a hammer.

• Monday—Read aloud Mark 11:15-18. Tell your children that this area of the temple was the place non-Jews could come to pray, but it had become a dirty, noisy, and an unworshipful place. Together, decorate a worshipful space in your home for Easter Week. Include a Bible, candles, and an area to display the items you’ll use this week. You can review these items at the beginning of each devotion. A small, bare tree branch laced with white Christmas lights makes

a nice backdrop. Light the candles or turn on the lights only during devotions to keep it special and meaningful.

• Tuesday—Read aloud Mark 12: 28-30. Discuss with your child that when we love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, strength, and mind, we obey all that He tells us to do. As a family, think of ways to demonstrate the second commandment during the week. Place a paper heart for display at your family worship space.

• Wednesday—Read aloud Mark 14:3-9. This woman gave Jesus a gift that was very precious. We can give gifts that come from our heart, too. As each child shares something he or she can do to honor Jesus, spray perfume into the air or on the child. Decorate a beautiful piece of paper and form a cylinder around the perfume bottle for display at your family worship space.

• Thursday—Read aloud Mark 14:22-26. Share with your children that this was a special supper that Jesus had with his friends. Purchase different types of bread, muffins, and tortillas for your family to taste. Share with your child that Jesus served bread at his special supper. Perhaps, you could create a graph of what bread each family member prefers to eat. Display the graph or wrapped loaf of bread at your family worship space.

• Friday---Read aloud John 13:1-5. Jesus washed feet to show his love. Have a bowl, a bar of soap, and paper towels ready. Take turns washing each other’s hands and drying them as you express love to each other. Display the soap at your family worship space.

• Saturday—Read aloud John 20:10-18. Mary was sad because Jesus had died and when she went to his tomb his body wasn’t there. She thought someone had stolen his body. Discuss how excited she must have been when the gardener, who was really Jesus, spoke to her and called her by name. She recognized that voice and knew it was Jesus! She was so excited and ran to tell everyone. Talk about how we should tell everyone that “Jesus is Alive!” (Matthew 28:7) Place a small stone in your family worship display to remind you of the empty tomb.

• Sunday-Read aloud Matthew 28:7. Google “Resurrection Rolls” and allow your child to help you make these for breakfast, as you remind them that “Jesus is Alive”. Let Easter Sunday morning be completely focused on Jesus. Consider waiting until after church to hand out Easter baskets, etc.

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